Inukshuk Mittens

Inukshuks were placed throughout the Arctic landscape acting
$15.00 CAD$30.00 CAD

Child Penguin Hat

This crocheted hat is 100% acrylic yarn. Black
$20.00 CAD

Child Miss Kitty Toque

This hand-knit toque is 100% white acrylic with
$15.00 CAD

Child Supergirl Toque

This beautiful hand-knit toque is 100% pink acrylic
$15.00 CAD

Child Mittens Cat-on-a-Fence

These hand-knit mittens are 100% acrylic. Cat-on-a-Fence motive
$12.00 CAD

Child Heart Set

This beautiful set is knit in 100% purple
$22.00 CAD

Child "Ninja" Mittens

100% acrylic mittens in black with ninja-like turtle
$12.00 CAD

Child Mittens with Wolf

Hand-knit in 100% acrylic yarn. Available in assorted
$15.00 CAD

Child Pink Slippers

CHILD These hand-knitted slippers are made of 100% acrylic
$10.00 CAD
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