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“Every Child Matters” T-Shirts – Black on Orange-Unisex

Compare $18.00 CAD$28.00 CAD

“Watermelon“ Scented Soap

Compare $7.00 CAD

100% Soy Wax Spa Lights

Compare $4.00 CAD

Bath Bombs

Compare $13.00 CAD

Bath Fizzy in a Jar

Compare $18.00 CAD

Beaded Chick Earrings

Compare $60.00 CAD

Beaded Hoop Earrings

Compare $30.00 CAD

Beaded Tear Drop Earrings

Compare $25.00 CAD

Beaded Wolf Pendant

Compare $20.00 CAD

Gift Baskets


Orange Hollow Centre Earrings

Compare $40.00 CAD

Soap – Crystal Clear

Compare $8.50 CAD

Soap – Glycerin and Triple Butters

Compare $8.50 CAD

Soap – Triple Butters

Compare $7.00 CAD
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