Our hand-kinit and crochet products are produced on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory by a Mohawk woman. She works full time and knits as a hobby. The quality of her work shows that she takes great pride in her knitting and her skills for design are impeccable.
Her go-to yarn is 100% acrylic as it is durable, machine washable and dryable. She will use other yarns upon request.

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Adult "Hulk" Toque

$15.00 CAD

Adult "Hulk" Toque with Ear Flaps

$22.00 CAD

Adult Black Set with Wolf Paw

$60.00 CAD

Adult Cat-On-A-Fence

$30.00 CAD

Adult Ear Warmer/Head Band with Iroquoian Design

$20.00 CAD

Adult Feather Design Mittens

$30.00 CAD

Adult Fingerless Mittens with Bear Motive

$25.00 CAD

Adult Gloves with Iroquoian Design

$30.00 CAD

Adult Gloves with Thunderbird Design

$30.00 CAD

Adult Gloves with Wolf

$30.00 CAD

Adult Mitten with Wolf Paw

$30.00 CAD

Adult Mittens Snowflake Design

$30.00 CAD

Adult Mittens with Bear Paws

$25.00 CAD$30.00 CAD

Adult Mittens with Confederacy Belt

$30.00 CAD

Adult Mittens with Turtle Design

$30.00 CAD

Adult Mittens with Wolf Design

$30.00 CAD
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