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“Dream On” T-Shirts-Unisex

$25.00 CAD

“Every Child Matters” T-Shirts – Black on Orange-Unisex SOLD OUT

$15.00 CAD$25.00 CAD

“Every Child Matters” T-Shirts – White on Orange-Unisex SOLD OUT

$15.00 CAD$25.00 CAD

“Haudenosaunee” T-Shirts-Unisex

$25.00 CAD

“Watermelon“ Scented Soap

$7.00 CAD

"Supergirl" Mittens and Toque

$22.00 CAD

100% Soy Wax Candle

$26.50 CAD$30.50 CAD

100% Soy Wax Spa Lights

$4.00 CAD

Adult "Hulk" Toque

$15.00 CAD

Adult "Hulk" Toque with Ear Flaps

$22.00 CAD

Adult Black Set with Wolf Paw

$60.00 CAD

Adult Cat-On-A-Fence

$30.00 CAD

Adult Ear Warmer/Head Band with Iroquoian Design

$20.00 CAD

Adult Feather Design Mittens

$30.00 CAD

Adult Fingerless Mittens with Bear Motive

$25.00 CAD

Adult Gloves with Iroquoian Design

$30.00 CAD
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