We carry Wick-It Soy products that includes candles and soap.
Wick-it produces environmentally friendly, hand-poured soy wax products. Most of our products contain natural materials including the dyes and fragrances used. Fragrance oils are sometimes used when Essential Oils are not available.
The benefits to using soy products instead of paraffin or other wax products are as follows:

  • Soy Wax is cleaner burning with no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens
  • Soy burns cooler which means products last longer
  • Soy products are biodegradable and water soluble


  • Soy candle wax has a memory. When you burn a soy candle and then extinguish it, the next time you burn it, the soy candle wax will melt across as far as it did the first time. This ensures that your soy candle does not “tunnel” as it burns.
  • On first burn, light your wick from the bottom up to help a burn pool begin
  • Burn your candle 2-3 hours for a good melt pool. This is where the scent is. A good melt pool will give off the best fragrance throw.
  • Don’t burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time
  • Allow wax to harden before relighting
  • Be sure to knock the burnt wood from your wick before relighting
  • Keeping your wick trimmed to about 1/4″ will also keep your soy candles from smoking and causing soot.
  • Use a candle snuffer to put out your candle for less soot build up
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